It’s hard to translate the magic flavor of these unique wines into words. Vibrant, alive, surprising, balanced and delicious, they seem to have literally sprouted out of the hands of, indeed, a one-of-a-kind winemaker.  Aci is a welcoming, warm-hearted, tall Slovenian man, the kind of person that seems to have it all figured out, living in a peaceful, aware state of mind.
His vineyard and wine cellar are tucked away in the area of Kozjansko, on a hill called Rifnik. The region has an interesting historical heritage: when Aci purchased the land he found archaeological ruins of a Celtic tomb and a Roman door with a depiction of a vine. Proof that winemaking in Rifnik has a very long tradition. Symbolically, it was a powerful message which made him realize the importance of nurturing the land, allowing it to be cultivated also by future generations. 
Aci’s philosophy is deeply rooted in understanding the relationship between the soil, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, focusing on the responsibility we have as human beings towards nature. The farmer has a connection not just with the earth but with the cosmic forces as well, there is a spiritual side to the discipline and farming naturally encourages vital and energetic forces.
1 hectare of vines. That’s it. Such a highly manual and natural approach would be hard to handle with more land. The way the vines are planted respects the landscape, for instance following the course of the hills without the need to build terraces. This approach leaves nature as intact as possible and since tractors are banned this is no problem at all. The rows are incredibly steep, to the point one can really feel gravity’s action. In between the rows wild herbs, flowers and grass. A few horses roam around, fertilising the soil and trimming the grass. Everything is done manually.
Aci Urbajs winery has been certified biodynamic since 1998, following Maria Thun’s calendar and applying the theories of Rudolf Steiner. Natural biodynamic treatments – such as preparation 500 and preparation 501 – are produced directly at the farm, not bought.
The yield is extremely low, an average of half a kilo per plant. No chemicals in the vineyard nor in the cellar and spontaneous fermentation. No such thing as added yeasts or anything else. The wine ferments in contact with the skins and is then left to age in wooden casks. When Aci feels it is ready, well, it’s time to bottle.
Having the possibility of tasting Aci’s unique wines isn’t just a pure blessing, it’s simply rare given that the amount of bottles on the market is so limited.
This isn’t just a wine to wash down your bite. It’s more like a meditation experience. Like making peace with nature sipping a glass of wine. Culture, philosophy, natural rhythms of the earth, simplicity as well as complexity of flavor…and we could go on. Aci Urbajs is the border between winemaking and life changing experience.