Our food is inspired by traditional Italian cooking, where the best ingredients are the focus. Everything is made fresh daily, and we source local produce and humanely-raised meat from ecologically-friendly farms as much as possible.

Our menus are seasonal and may change. These menus are representative.



Anson Mills, Brasstown Beef, Decimal Place, Enchanted Springs, Many Folds Farm, Nature’s Harmony, Pearson Farm, Riverview Farms, Southern Swiss Dairy, Sugar Spun Fun, Sweet Grass Dairy, The Spotted Trotter, The Turnip Truck, White Oak Pastures, Woodland Gardens


Natural, honest wines. Made using just grapes.

The wines we have selected are true. They talk about a land, a specific soil, a grape. About the weather throughout the year and about the winemaker’s character. They are not trying to be something they are not. We want to showcase the diversity of Italy’s land and its regional identity. Most people don’t know that winemakers can add dozens of ingredients to their wines to correct mistakes and homogenize flavors, without being required to list them on the label. This results in standardized flavors that hide the true beauty and diversity of great wines.

Natural wine is made with a minimal intervention approach, with limited or no use of chemicals in the vineyard and a minimum use of additives and technological manipulations in the cellar. Sulphur additions are kept to a bare minimum, if added at all. At Bellina we extend our sourcing approach and good food philosophy to our wine list. We have selected wines that tell a story about where they come from and are not scared to show their true identity.